24- Coachella 2k18′

As many continue to keep their ears and eyes in tune with fashion, Coachella caps off the list of important things to attend in 2018. With a tentative date of April 20-22, Coachella is bound to bring in audiences all from over the world. Many people make reservations, take times out of their days, and a lot planned vacation time, just to attend, view, and participate in Coachella.

Below is a list of the lineup expected to take flight for the huge festivalImage result for coachella

As the big festival approaches, so do the raving crowds, the energy, the fashion, the egos, un-seen styles, and more. Get ready for a Summer 18 to remember. People continue to gossip about the energy surrounding Coachella and rumor has it Queen Beyonce’, as a plethora of different special guest in attendance. Hydrate, bring your vibes, and bring your shades, it’s going to get Groovy. Coachella 2k 18′


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